Technical Seminars

Stapf Energy Services, in cooperation with the companies we represent, has conducted technical seminars for plants, engineering firms, and equipment suppliers. The intent is to provide customers with details of new and leading technologies that would benefit the customer’s business. The content would be highly technical, relevant, and informative.


These seminars can be tailored to meet your busy schedule. We can conduct them on-site at your specific schedule availability, or via a Webinar. We have found a “Lunch and Learn” format often makes the best use of your available time. Stapf Energy Services would provide lunch and ensure that the presentation considers your valuable time.

Topics that have been successfully presented in the past are as follows:

  • “Water Saving Technologies for Power Plant Applications”
  • “Air Cooled Condenser New Technologies and Constructability
  • “Air Cooled Condenser Operation and Maintenance to maximize performance including cold weather operation.”
  • “Cooling Tower Design, Operation, and Maintenance”
  • “LNG Heat Exchanger Technologies”
  • “316 (b) Solutions for Power Plants, Fish Protection and Impingement Reduction”
  • “Combustion Improvement through Coal and Air Flow Measurement and Control”
  • “Operating a Tangentially Fired Boiler with High Sulfur Coal”
  • “Cost Effective Technologies for NOx Reduction”
  • “Design and recent experience with SCR and FGD Dampers and Expansion Joints”
  • “Turbine Inlet Chilling Increases Output, Provides Generation Storage, and Ancillary Services Market Support”

Please contact us to arrange a presentation on the above topics, or any subject pertaining to the Products and Services we offer.